English<>Japanese translation and localization services

     Thanks to our Internet-based structure, we can count on a closely knit team of professionals which allows us to offer services in the following areas:

    Our working method involves successive phases according to the level of complexity of the English or Japanese text to be localized, always using a mother tongue translator, with possible collaboration by specialist text revision editors, proof readers, and marketing and communication consultants for the target market. The objective of every project is to develop the language and tone to fit the type of publication and the market sector for which the translated text is destined. It is the difference between a simple text conversion and a complete content adaptation that can determine the effectiveness of the message. We fully understand this, and this is the added value we offer our translation and localization clients.
    We have specific experience in English to japanese and Japanese to English Web site translation and localization, with a team of professionals experienced in Web Design and authoring, Internet Marketing, promotion and search engine positioning, Web scripting, and web text internationalization and localization. We can localize your website, operating independently in our online work area and updating the final product directly on your server via ftp, handing you back a finished product ready for publication and promotion, complete with intact architectural links between pages and fully functioning.
    We can offer a quality service for English to Japanese and Japanese to English software localization, with a team of professionals in text internationalization and localization, Marketing and publicity, and programming in the most common languages.
    We offer a package of consulting services which support and supplement our Web site translation and localization services, allowing you to define an effective and targeted strategy for your online presence in the English or Japanese marketplace. Our Internet marketing, globalization and search engine positioning experts can become your privileged access key to the English or Japanese geo-linguistic markets. They can analyze and supply detailed reports on the characteristics and composition of the target market, or study and carry out promotion, placement and diffusion of your localized Web site. By having us become your exclusive English/Japanese globalization partner you can count on a unique network of local collaborators, each with specific experience in their geographic and linguistic areas: a guarantee of quality which only Ability Top Translations can offer.
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